Past speaking engagements & workshops: 

  • Capital One (McLean, VA)

  • Girl Scout Troops (various)

  • Chesapeake Camp Conference (March 2018)

  • TriState Camp Conference (March 2018)

  • Stem for Her @ Northern Virginia Community College

  • Mid-Atlantic Camp Conference (January 2019 & January 2020)

  • Camp Con (June 2019)

  • Women in Camp Summit (November 2019 & November 2020)

  • Go Camp Pro- The Day Camp Pod (Podcast)


  • Northeastern/TriState Camp Conference (March 2021)

  • Western Association of Independent Camps Conference (Nov. 2021)

Trainings and workshops are available for all age groups, including adults. Topics can be customized based on your needs. Past topics include: 

  • Systemic Sexism (specifically in STEM & Athletics)

  • Disproving commonly held gender stereotypes justified by biased or misused science

  • Using Inclusive Language

  • Portrayals of Women in the Media & why it matters

  • Creating for meaningful visibility in your programs

  • What historical context should you highlight based on your organization's history and goals? 

  • Reforming vs. Abolishing- when it's time to build your own spaces

  • Creating validating spaces

  • Unpacking tropes and recognizing how they manifest in our spaces

  • How adults unintentionally reinforce gender roles with kids 

  • Assessing your own implicit biases

  • Tangible steps to creating change (individual, relational, & structural)

  • Talking about gender-based biases with boys

  • Trust-building Staff Trainings & Workshops on Equity and Inclusion 

  • Gender Inclusion for all gender identities 

  • Moving from research to action in equity practices

  • The Caring Complex- Normalizing women's mental health

  • Processing Racism- learning where and when it's appropriate to outwardly process racism as a white person

  • Come and get your men- holding each other accountable for problematic, sexist behavior 

  • Why your community should have spaces reserved for historically excluded groups